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Lose Weight to Gain Confidence

Presently there are many weight loss programs, pills and medicines that are prevalent in the market. Among them, HCG True Diet is a name that you can actually depend upon. HCG is a natural hormone that is known to change the metabolism of your body and help you burn calories. HCG gives your body the notion that it is pregnant and in the process changes the metabolism of your body. Your fats are burnt even when you are on an extremely caloric diet which is as low as 500 calories per day. Since its very inception in the 1950s, this program has helped millions of individuals to gain positive results after the successful completion of the program.

Dr. ATW Simeons is the creator of this diet plan. It is Simeons who claimed that we generally have three types of fats in our body. These are structural fat, normal fat and abnormal fat. The abnormal fat is visible in our pot bellies, love handles and hips. This is that fat reserve that makes us appear fat. What HCG does is that it contracts our fatty deposits and this program therefore is meant for those who are on the lookout for losing not less than 15-90 pounds.

The HCG True Diet Program is not devoid of any criticism and there are several myths associated with it. But that has not been able to deter the popularity of this diet program. This diet program has benefitted millions and this is a proven fact. People have been awarded with positive results and this is a truth that cannot be changed. Therefore, it is time that you put aside these claims and arguments and check out this diet plan to check out the truth yourself.

There are few essential points that you should keep in mind when you are on this diet plan. These include:-

  • You must completely avoid fats and calories.
  • You must maintain a log where you can record your diet and fitness regime. This can also be an effective method for planning and reviewing what should and what should not be done.
  • You must drink loads of water as it washes away all your toxins.
  • You should fatty meats and also try to avoid fat or oil in your diet.
  • You must exercise regularly.
  • You must grind your chicken breast and lean steak.
  • You can also opt for grilling possible foods since it is a good way of maximizing seasoning flavors and avoiding fats.
  • You must plan your meals ahead of time and even cook before time.
  • Before preparing you must weight your food since it gives you an estimate of proper quantities and individual servings.
  • You must also weigh yourself every morning and thus you will get to measure whether you are gaining or reducing your weight on a daily basis.

This program consists of four phases. It starts from the loading phase and ends I the phase that is concerned with introducing permanent lifestyle changes. In the loading phase you can eat to your heart’s content as the calories consumed in this phase will be used at a later stage of the diet program. Till you reach the last phase you will realize the significance of making the changes that you have introduced in your lifestyle so far permanent ones.

A huge benefit of HCG is that when you are under this diet program you do not feel tired or fatigued. This is because HCG releases the essential nutrients into your blood and helps retain your energy level. This bars you from feeling weary and you have high level of energy all through the day. This is one such feature of HCG that sets it apart from other weight loss programs that are doing the rounds in the market.

Therefore, this is one such diet program that does not incur any negative effect on your health. Besides, this is on such diet program where you can be assured to get positive results. The results might not be evident in the first instance itself. It might take some one or two courses to get desired results. But, you will get results for sure.

So, it is time to shed off those extra pounds and get that perfect physical structure that you have for now for ages trying to get. Therefore, once you are done with reading this article, get up and start getting into action right now.




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