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Information On HCG

Currently there are several weight loss programs, pills and medicines that are present in the market. Among all of these, the HCG True Diet program is a name that stands out among all. HCG is a natural hormone that gives your body the impression that it is pregnant and therefore it thereby changes the metabolism of your body. It thus burns the excess calories even when the body is on a very low calorie diet. This diet program has been generating positive results for millions of individuals since its very creation in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons. It was developed in Rome, Italy.

Simeons was of the view that we have 3 types of fat in our body namely structural fat, normal fat and abnormal fat. The abnormal fat is evident in our pot bellies, love handles, hips and the like. This is that fat reserve that makes us appear fat. HCG primarily contracts our fatty deposits and this makes us look thin and slim. People who want to lose around 15-90 pounds and not less than that must undertake this diet program.

The HCG True Diet is a diet program that consists of four phases which starts from the initial loading phase to the phase concerned with one introducing permanent changes in their lifestyle. In the loading phase you can consume as much you want to fill up your cells with all the essential nutrients for the phases that are yet to come. The next phase requires one to go on a strict diet regime consuming only 500 calories. This intake of 500 calories is divided into 2 meals-lunch and dinner.

On reaching the third phase, you might discover that your body has become immune to HCG since you have been now continuing it for a prolonged period of 40 days.  You might at this stage even increase the quantity of your food intake. It is also necessary to weigh yourself regularly and if you find yourself gaining weight, you must immediately check your food intake.

The fourth phase is all about implementing the changes that you have introduced to your lifestyle so far permanent ones. It is though only possible if you have reached your long term weight loss goals. Once you have achieved success in your weight loss endeavors, learn to make these changes everlasting ones.

You might not be able to achieve your desired results in the first course itself. You can then undertake this course for the second or third time. People generally lose around 20 pounds during the entire course of the program. Therefore, if you also are willing to lose around 60 pounds, then you will have to continue this program thrice.

HCG is therefore not only an effective weight loss program but simple to understand and execute as well. You must also keep yourself well informed on the illegal HCG medicines and drugs that prevail in the market. You must always consult a physician before undertaking the HCG Diet Plan. This physician is needed to be well trained in the HCG True Diet program.

A great significance of HCG is that when you are under this diet program neither you feel tired nor fatigued. This is because HCG releases the essential nutrients into your blood and helps retain your energy level. This keeps you away from feeling weary and you have high level of energy all through the day. This is one such feature of HCG that sets it apart from other weight loss programs that are doing the rounds in the market.

You must also remember that you must be devoted to your efforts. You should not give up mid way and so you must make up your mind to be determined before you start the diet plan. You will feel that your confidence level has increased by leaps and bounds once you have lost weight.

Thus, you will have to be extremely zealous about your weight loss passion. You just cannot to afford to settle in for instant results. If you want immediate result then most of the times the result is not going to be long termed. So let the changes show up with time so that they can last for your lifetime.


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