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Weight Loss and HCG

In today’s world, everybody is interested in weight control. What most of us are concerned today is about shedding off those extra calories from our body. Most of us are in the process of battling the bulge at some point of our life. There are innumerable weight loss suggestions available today in the market. You must be extremely careful before randomly plunging into one of them.

You must first of all learn to follow a strict and well maintained diet chart. There can be nothing better than eating healthy and keeping a check on your caloric intake. You must always keep in mind that you cannot lose those extra kilos if you are not strong willed or determined enough. You must reduce your high fat content food intake and try to introduce large amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and green leaves to your daily supplement. Having at least 11 glasses of water daily is a must since it is known to wash away all your toxins.

You must also consult your strategies with your close one and your physician before deciding onto taking forth any one of them. If you really want to accomplish your weight loss program successfully, then it is extremely essential to consult with a doctor who is a specialist in the weight loss business. Moreover, you must also have a positive attitude and learn to love yourself for who and whatever you are.

Apart from your diet, lack of exercise may also contribute to your being overweight. You must always try to keep yourself engaged in some kind of physical activity. Exercise helps you burn down your calories and get those perfect looking abs and packs.

Once you start following a balanced and improved lifestyle, it might appear to you that following a strict weight loss program is a really easy and simple task. But it is often the case that we undertake extreme measures like pills and other weight loss programs and medicines that claim to deliver immediate results. But then we must be wise enough to acknowledge the adverse effects that these can have on your health.

The HCG True Diet Plan is one of the most popular and effective weight loss programs that is known to have produced serious results in millions of individuals. HCG is a natural hormone that gives your body the notion that it is pregnant and this helps in changing your body’s metabolism even when you are on a very low calorie diet.

According to a recent survey it has been found out that around 60 % of the population of US is obese. This is a serious concern and needs immediate attention. If obese or overweight, the best measure to rely on is the HCG True Diet Program. This weight loss program is known to work really well on people looking to lose around 15-90 pounds and is not meant for those who are looking to lose only a few kilos.

The HCG True Diet Plan is therefore is one such weight loss program that can be really effective when it comes to long term weight loss results. So, it is time that you believing in those wired gadgets and use your brains to chose the weight loss program that will produce the best results for you.

Moreover, for your personal accomplishment, you must remember that “no pain, no gain”. Therefore, to achieve that you really desire for, you must develop a great level of tolerance and endurance. There will be both easy and tough times and dealing with the latter calls for the actual determination.

During the second phase of this diet program, you have to depend on a total of 500 calories throughout the day. This otherwise could have resulted in fatigue and weariness setting in. But when it comes to HCG, the results are different. HCG helps you retain your energy level by releasing the essential nutrients into your blood and does not allow any fatigue to set in. It is therefore regarded to be one of the best remedies to weight loss since the 1950s.

While on this diet you must ensure that you are providing your body with all the essential nutrients and that are extremely needed by our body. Simons had assumed that there are three types of fat in our body-the structural fat, normal fat and the abnormal fats. HCG is known to act on the abnormal fats which are visible on the pot bellies, saddlebags, love handles and the hips as chunks of fats. HCG shrinks these abnormal fats.

This diet plan comprises of four phases in total and if desired results are not achieved, you can repeat this program as many times you want. But in general, positive results are achieved in 1-2 courses. So, you can expect a positive outcome in the very first course of the program and keeping this belief in your mind start off with undertaking this program today itself- since as mentioned earlier, a positive set of mind is essentially important especially in matters of your health.


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