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Survival of the fittest

The days of being a couch potato and carrying that extra pound on your body are gone. In today’s world everyone wishes to flaunt a lean and extremely well toned body as the new mantra doing the rounds is ‘thin is in’.

In our desire to shed off that extra kilo from our body, we often resort to different types of medicines, therapies and other weight loss treatments that are available in the market. But what we do not realize is the adverse effects these medicines are going to incur on our health and physical well being.

Today, the market is full of such products that promise to help one achieve that perfect figure and physical structure. But there is no guarantee to their effectiveness unless they are recommended by physicians. Fighting obesity though challenging enough, is not impossible if we take into account few very simple tips and measures:-

  • It is always advised by physicians to keep on eating small quantities of food instead of larger intakes. One should never miss the breakfast and should also drink lots of water as it help flush out toxins provided it is not chilled.
  • Avoiding high caloric foods are a must as they tend to hamper one’s weight loss endeavors. Hence fruits and vegetables should be consumed in large quantities as they assist one in keeping his calorie count low and make them feel fuller curbing the need to eat at regular intervals.
  • Exercise not only helps us reduce weight but also stay fit and improve our lifestyles for a better tomorrow. According to a recent survey it has been concluded that every two hours of exercise helps one increase his lifespan by two hours.
  • Weight bearing exercises at least 30-60 minutes twice a week will be beneficial in helping one reach his desired objective of toning down all the extra pounds. Exercising also helps in improving one’s psychological well being and is known to slow the aging process.
  • Watching fitness and exercise related television shows can be really inspiring. When one sees others eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, he too might get encouraged to execute the same.  Moreover these shows also host renowned experts giving valuable weight losing tips to viewers.
  • HCG true diet is a great weight loss program for effectively reducing weight in both men and women by helping them change their metabolism.  HCG users are known to lose around 1 to 2 lbs of fat or more per day. Unlike other methods of dieting, HCG helps retain the muscle fats and chews up only the fat cells. When one indulges in low calorie diets, he experiences fatigue but HCG helps one maintain his energy level at the same time cuts down the abnormal fats.

Additionally, all these weight losing measures will only come to effect when they are backed by strong will and determination. It is very common that after watching their diet and exercising for a couple of days, people forget about it all and delve back into their normal lifestyle. A strong focus and motivation are therefore of prime relevance in this respect.

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