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HCG True Diet Program

Nowadays, the prime concern of most individuals is being obese. All one wants is to get the perfect body shape and structure. There are many weight loss programs that are doing the rounds in the market. But most of them are misleading and does not have the credibility factor. We must be extremely wise in choosing the most efficient program and the one that will yield visible results.

The HCG True Diet program believes in the concept of changing a person’s metabolic rate and helping him reduce around 20 pounds during the entire course of the diet. This diet program is concerned with ingesting very low calorie diet in an individual and making use of the calories present in their abnormal fats. This thus makes one lose weight and at the same time feel energetic.

It is always great to look good and be in a perfect shape. It does not only make you appear attractive physically but also helps in enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  Shedding off those extra pounds helps you ward off several diseases as well.

It becomes really frustrating when one is not able to reduce those extra kilos even after working out hard and maintaining a strict diet chart. The HCG True Diet plan is extremely suited for these people. Therefore, one who falls under this category should not think twice before resorting to this weight loss program.

The entire HCG diet program has been classified into 4 phases or stages. Each stage has some requirements that the person undertaking it needs to follow. This starts from the initial loading to the phase promising permanent lifestyle changes.

This program can also be done as many times as necessary. If a person is unable to achieve desired results in the first course of the program, then he can opt for the second course and so on. It is usually said that there is a relative loss of around 20 pounds in the entire course of the diet. So if one wishes to lose more than 20 pounds, he can do 2-3 courses or more.

During the course of this program, one can even reach the “plateau” phase. This phase comes when one has lost a considerable amount of weight over a period of time and has suddenly stopped losing for 4-6 days. This is when he is recommended to go on an apple diet. 6 apples are recommended throughout the day. Whenever one has the desire to eat, he can munch on one apple.

It is also advisable to maintain a food journal so that you are able to record the foods you eat and the caloric value of these foods. This journal will also be helpful in helping you maintain your daily measurements and exercises as are mentioned in the download forms of the HCG True Diet.com. There is also a Favorites List form from where you can download your favorite foods and know their caloric contents.

You must also be tolerant enough and remember that changes appear gradually and therefore must give the entire lifestyle changing process some time to get adjusted to your living habits. There are possibilities that your body stop responding to the changes introduced in your living and eating habits and there are no signs of weight loss for a couple of days or more.  Hence, be patient when expecting long term results especially in terms of weight loss.

The HCG Diet was initially developed by Dr. Simeon in Italy in the 1950s. Since then this diet program has experienced several success and criticisms. But it can be undoubtedly said that this is a proven method and one who follows this program seriously, is sure to reap the benefits.

It is true that the entire process requires strong determination and results cannot be obtained if discontinued in the middle. There are some important facts that should be always kept in mind throughout the course of the diet:-

  • Weigh and measure your fruits, vegetables and meat.
  • Weigh all foods in a measuring device as by doing so you can gain better knowledge of serving and portion sizes.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep a track of how much water you drink throughout the day.

Thus, a little control here and there and you emerge as the winner possessing the perfect body shape and a healthy body and mind.

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