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HCG Diet-Benefits and Dangers

HCG True Diet is an effective weight loss program of its kind that is dedicated towards assisting one in losing his weight at a considerable pace by bringing about changes in the metabolism of an individual. But it is also important that one takes proper medical advice and remains under the supervision of a trained physician before undertaking it and during the course of this program.

The HCG True Diet plan since allows one an intake of 500 calories only, can lead to some discomfort in the body. Moreover, if the individual is going through medication during this process, then some severe electrolyte problems can occur. This condition can be avoided by consulting and being under the training of a qualified physician who has a considerable amount of knowledge about this program.

It is often said that the total protein required by a human body is around 50 to 100 grams a day. It is often said that very little protein goes into our body during the course of this diet plan. But, the fact is that this diet program requires one to take around 200 gm of protein in a day. This is considered to be an adequate protein intake for the body.

Another factor that should be kept in mind is that it is always recommended that a varied amount of protein is required by the human body. The HCG True Diet states that all the meals taken by a person should vary in protein consumed. The diet program therefore also fulfills this crucial dietary recommendation.

Another aspect that is regarded as a disadvantage of this diet is that on the course of this diet, the body pulls proteins from the muscles and therefore this is a muscle wasting diet. But the reality is that the body gets adequate amount of protein from the 500 calorie diet and does not need to pull up proteins from the muscles. In fact, the body pulls up the required proteins and nutrients from the blood and not from the muscles.

A common notion about the HCG True Diet program is that during the course of the diet not much energy calories are consumed. These calories are highly needed by the human body. But the truth is that HCG draws calories from the fats and causes them to burn down. These calories are pulled down from the fats which gives the body enough energy.

Many believe that this diet plan might have an adverse effect on one’s proper health and does not go hand in hand with medical advice. According to normal medical norms, one must consume the basic caloric requirements to keep your energy and metabolic rate going. But when on the HCG Diet, your body gets the normal caloric intake. The only difference being that in the case of HCG, the body uses the calories already present in your fats rather than consuming calories orally.

Another factor that is generally considered a disadvantage of this diet program is that during this diet plan, the body does not get the required fiber. Adequate fiber is needed by the body for proper colon function and stay fit and in proper health. Many are of the belief that during the 500 calorie not enough fiber are consumed. But the truth is that The American Dietetic Association has stated that a healthy must have around 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day and most Americans are known to ingest only half of that. Almost all fruits and vegetables are known to contain around 4 or more grams of fiber per serving. Since, the HCG diet program requires one to consume at least four servings per day, it cannot be denied that one on this diet plan will be consuming enough fiber.

It is also said that one cannot continue maintain this dietary intake of 500 calories for the rest of his life. But one really does not need to follow this diet plan for the rest of his life. Once the excess weight has been shed off completely and complete lifestyle changes have been made, one can bring about changes in his dietary program. This plan is primarily for the 40 days of the program. The main aim of the HCG True Diet plan is to bring about permanent lifestyle changes in an individual and not permanent changes in his diet plan.

There is an age old belief that breakfast is the most important part of the day’s diet and that it must be filling enough to keep you going all through the day. But this is just a myth. The fact is that what matters how much you consume all throughout the day. We do not really need to consume a heavy caloric diet in the morning. This myth was prevalent when one used to eat heavily in the morning and go out to work in the fields.

Some consider the HCG True Diet plan to be like any other weight loss program that cannot guarantee long term weight loss. They say that this diet plan will fail to bring about permanent lifestyle changes in an individual. People making small changes and with time are regarded to be much more successful. But it is also considered that small changes will not lead to key changes. The HCG True Diet on the other hand hopes to encourage one to foster permanent lifestyle changes in them by limiting their diet plan and making them follow this plan for a considerable period of around 40 days. After the weight loss, if one practices these changes then these are believed to turn into habits.

Several medical clinics have known to have mishandled the Simon protocol and some have not yet scrutinized it properly. When it first emerged in the United States in the 60s, it received great positive response. But very soon, it began to be misused and neglected by many. In 1962, the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that if one continuously followed this diet regime, then it can affect his health in a worse way than obesity would have done.

However, with time and again many studies have come up with positive results for this diet. The reality is that it actually helps one reduce weight and in a healthy manner. One does not feel weak and it does not allow fatigue to set in. It helps in retaining the energy level and makes one feel fine throughout the day.

Therefore, you must not think twice before undergoing this diet plan. But you must also keep in mind that you must be focused enough to bring about permanent lifestyle changes and start this diet plan with an extremely positive mind set. If these few things are kept in mind, then you are sure to witness permanent changes in both your lifestyle and physical appearance.

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