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HCG Diet-an effective way to lose weight

Obesity is spreading at a rapid pace and if not considered seriously can be considered even fatal. If the body mass of a person exceeds 30 kg/m2, he is considered to be obese. Obesity brings with it several diseases namely obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and many more. Nothing can be better substitute of physical activity and low caloric diet in treating obesity but at times the person suffering from obesity needs to undergo a surgery or take anti obesity drugs. Therefore, this is a syndrome that should not be taken lightly.

Among the many weight loss programs prevailing in the market, the True Diet Program can be listed in the count of the most trusted and effective ones. Losing weight being a primary concern among people all across the globe, more and more diet programs are also been made available in the market. The creation of the HCG diet program dates back to the 1950s when Dr. ATW Simeon who assisted people visiting his clinic in Rome, lose weight, founded it. HCG is known for its power to change the metabolism of an individual.

Today, it is recognized as one of the most successful weight loss programs and has garnered positive results for many people who have followed this program and become a part of it. More and more people are undertaking this diet program as it enjoys the reputation of not only being one of the best weight loss programs but is highly credible and trustworthy.

A person undertaking the HCG diet program must keep in mind the following points:-

  • An intake of only 500 calories a day can cause several physical changes.
  • A thorough knowledge of the right kind of food and program is needed.
  • A strong will and determination to bring about lifestyle changes are extremely essential.
  • A comprehensive and focused effort is bound to generate positive result.

HCG is a natural hormone that gives one the false notion that he is pregnant and as one consumes only 500 calories a day during this period, the body makes use of the calories from the fat cells and brings them into the blood giving one the impression of being pregnant. This program is for people who are on the lookout for losing at least 15-90 pounds and not just a few pounds and those having very little abnormal fat.

This program is not only effective in terms of generating results, but also saves the time of individuals as they do not require to spend long hours in the gym or on work outs. In the course of following the diet, people gain knowledge about the nutritional value of several foods and learn which food carries how much calorie.

While making purchases, one must ensure that he buys only those HCG medicines that are prescribed by a physician and are legal, else he will not be able to get the desired result. This diet will be especially beneficial to those who are unable to shed off those extra pounds after religiously working out and maintaining a balanced diet chart.

HCG diet is a combination of HCG and an extremely low calorie diet. The diet program primarily comprises of the following phases namely:-

1.       Phase 1

2.       Phase 2

3.       Phase 3 and

4.       Phase 4

In phase 1 or the loading phase, people are allowed to eat high caloric diets and gain weight. The fats formed during phase 1 are stored for use at a later stage of the program. This period generally lasts for three days.

In phase 2 or the very low calorie diet period, individuals are allowed an intake of only 500 calories and the total food intake is divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is generally a liquid like a beverage with almost no calorie.

In phase 3 or the maintenance diet period, people are expected to carry on with the well balanced diet. One must be extremely self-controlled to follow this diet program. There are many websites that provide information on calorie value of foods, one among them being TheTrueDiet.net.

Finally, the phase 4 or the long term lifetime diet phase, assures one of long term weight loss results if only one is determined enough to introduce permanent lifestyle changes. Patience is the key to succeed in this matter.

But all this must be done under the supervision of a physician. One must first of all get in touch with a physician well versed with this program and has a detailed knowledge about the entire program. Moreover, the low caloric diet can lead to some side effects at times and therefore it is always advisable to be guided by a trained physician as far as this program is concerned.

During the entire diet program, many people are likely to experience hunger as only 500 calories are being consumed throughout the day. But this is slowly going to disappear making an individual feel energetic. The body too requires adapting to the changes and it surely will with perhaps a little time. So, if an individual does not follow the diet program properly, it will mean nothing but deceiving his own self.

Finally, losing weight carries several advantages like:-

  • Increases the energy level.
  • Lowers blood sugar level.
  • Gifts one a more dynamic lifestyle.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Makes one attractive and tones down muscles.
  • Reduces back pain.
  • Boosts up confidence.
  • Reduces muscle and ligament pains and
  • Reduces risks of breast cancer.

To achieve successful results in this program, one must always keep in mind that the key words for acquiring the best results in this program are:

  • Motivation
  • Devotion
  • Drive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Passion
  • Urge

Lastly, it can be said that having the perfect body structure and being fit at the same time is the dream of every human being. The HCG true diet program guarantees to bring to life this dream of an individual. So one must not give a second thought to undertake this program and put a step forward for a better tomorrow.

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