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HCG Diet Questions you might be Afraid to Ask your Doctor

People on HCG diet are mainly seen to ask about the side effects of the treatment. This is because; though we love to look attractive but along with it we also want to remain fit and healthy. It can be said that since this HCG diet is too good to be believed, people become confused how this diet can give such a wonderful effect to the followers. However, all the doubts get dissolved when you remain only for a few days on diet.

In most of the cases, people on this diet are able to shed off at least 1 pound a day. But, in some cases people’s health may get adversely affected. This is because; if you cannot understand which type of food you need to take then by consuming less food you can never be able to get the desired result.

Sometimes we hesitate to ask doctors about how this procedure helps in the weight loss program. But, instead of thinking if this question can be asked you should clearly discuss with the doctor about the pros and cons of this weight loss method.

Apart from this, you should also ask in which form you should take the HCG. Either you can take it as oral drops or you can take injections. The method you select can create side effects. So, the method needs to be chosen after prior consultation.

Most of the people following this diet are seen to take injections since they are considered to be a viable way of completing the HCG diet. However, sometimes injections can cause undesirable effects such as blood clots so it is always better to consult physician before taking those injection. Hope through the detailed consultation you will able to find out which diet will perfectly suit your body type.

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