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Relation between Diet and Metabolism

We all have a notion that by reducing food intake we can shed off unwanted fat. This is undoubtedly true that low calorie-diet helps one to drastically lose weight but extreme reduction in the food consumption may create a negative impact on your health. This is because; most of the low-calorie diets don’t go well with the human metabolism. If human body does not get enough calories, then your metabolism rate may slow down. This is quite undesirable. By taking low calorie you will be able to lose weight for the time-being but as soon as you will start taking more calories you will see that you are gaining back the extra pounds, which you lost after trying hard. This why; you should definitely try to understand relation between diet and metabolism. Or else, your entire plan of becoming slim may not get materialized.

Diet and Metabolism

In the low-calorie diets metabolism gets hampered. While you are on diet, your calories get burned slowly in order to avoid running out of resources. Thus, the body keeps on compensating for the calorie loss by slowing down rate of metabolism but this process never last for too long. This is because; when you will reach your goal and start normal food intake you will see that the metabolism is still maintaining the same pace. Thus, you will regain what you have lost. So, instead of taking low calorie it is better to enhance the energy output. The more amount of energy will get burnt, the metabolism rate will become faster in order to keep track with the desired energy supply.

It is always better to strike a balance between the intake and output and the only way to maintain this balance is to follow a healthy diet. However, along with food, you should also focus on your beverage intake.

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