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Losing Weight With the HCG Diet

By choosing the HCG diet, a person can shed unwanted pounds in a relatively short amount of time. In fact, many dieters find that consuming a low calorie, high fiber diet in conjunction with using the pregnancy hormone HCG, can help them lose up to 10 or 12 pounds within the first week. Results may vary according to the individual..

Individuals on the HCG diet will experience an increase in metabolism, leading to higher fat burning capabilities. Many dieters report an increase in energy as well. The key is to eat a nutritionally sound diet that is low in fat and calories while using the hormone.

The HCG diet will result in decreased appetite, thus aiding in consuming fewer calories. This plan is a preferred choice by many who wish to lose moderate weight within the least amount of time. This diet is generally recommended for individuals who wish to lose 10-20 pounds relatively fast. This can typically be achieved in a matter of a few weeks, if the plan is adhered to as recommended.

Proven results show dieters have lost over 25 pounds in a little over a month. This is not typical for most standard diets. This is precisely why the HCG diet was invented, as many individuals wish to lose under 30 pounds within a month or two.

In addition to adhering to the true HCG diet, doctors and experts recommend altering one’s lifestyle. Simple changes such as incorporating a routine exercise program into one’s weekly schedule can show faster results. Walking, biking or swimming are good ways to remain fit and healthy. Cutting out fat and sweets will speed up the results as well.

The HCG diet also offers medical supervision from a team of trained professionals. Under this supervision, dieters can be assured they are taking off the weight in a safe manner. Unlike crash diets that may result in fatigue or malnutrition, the HCG diet promotes proper nutrition and increased metabolism while many dieters will see results in under a month.

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