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Support is Key With HCG Diet

If you are considering the HCG diet plan, remember that support is critical to your success on the program. The HCG diet is very strict and requires motivation and persistence from the person taking part, but you should not attempt it alone. Support, both from a physician as well as family and friends, is the key to successfully shedding the pounds with this diet.

Consulting with an associate physician who is familiar with the HCG diet will help you in many ways. As you will be limiting your caloric intake to only 500 calories a day, the physician will evaluate you to make sure you are a good candidate for the plan as well as monitor your progress throughout to ensure safety. While the plan is generally safe and effective, occasionally certain medical conditions can develop due to the low calorie intake particularly where preexisting conditions are present or medications are used. The associate physician will be able to explain physiological changes occurring to you while on the diet as well as nurture you emotionally throughout. They can also encourage, support and teach you about maintaining your weight over time.

Support from friends and family is also very important while on the program. Creating support groups will help you find success in losing the weight you want to lose. If others want to lose weight also, you can cook meals together, exercise together and generally support each other in reaching your goals. Anyone from friends and relatives to coworkers can be part of your support group. Aside from the fact that losing weight together is more fun than going it alone, it can also help to create healthy bonds with those helping you and also provide you with the inspiration to stick with the plan. This bonding can lead to a healthier lifestyle and help create a positive environment.

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