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Overview of the HCG Diet Phase

In today’s world, most of the people are figure-conscious and they want to look young and attractive forever. This is why; with the course of time popularity of HCG treatment is getting high so swiftly. This HCG weight loss therapy is safe as well as one of the most effective ways to get rid of extra fat within an incredibly less time. Mainly this diet plan comprises of 4 phases. Below these HCG diet phases are discussed in brief:

hcg diet phase 4

Phase 1– This is a process of detoxification. Within this specific time period your body and mind get totally prepared for taking up this treatment with complete seriousness. During this time, it is suggested to have a lot of water in order to survive on the low calorie diet.

Phase 2– In this phase you are allowed to eat food, which you cannot take during your first phase of diet. So, you can say it is an enjoyable HCG diet phase. But this phase does not stay for long and very quickly make your body prepared to take up the third phase.

Phase 3– During this stage HCG doctors will give you HCG hormone in the form of drop or injections underneath your tongue. Soon, you will realize that your urge to take food has decreased to an incredible rate and your body is coming into shape.

Phase 4– This is the last phase of the weight loss treatment. Most of the time people call it maintenance phase, where you are suggested to maintain ideal and new weight. This is the last but indeed the vital phase of the entire weight loss plan. So, it needs to be followed with careful concern.

Now, what is there to think about! Just follow the guidelines given by your physician and enjoy a slim look.

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