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How to Safely and Effectively Begin a HCG diet

The news of past decades has been peppered with one diet craze after the next. Yet, one of perhaps the most effective weight loss programs was not born of this century, but rather in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeon, who invoked the effects of the pregnancy hormone HCG to change an individual’s metabolic function. Taken either through injection, sprays, pills, or sublingual drops, HCG is combined with a 500 calories-per-day meal plan, thereby encouraging the body to tap stored fat reserves and lose weight.

The initial phase in beginning this diet is contacting a HCG nutritional specialist, who will eventually be responsible for providing the correct dosages of hormones, monitoring health, explaining the process of weight loss, and formulating a plan as to how the weight –once lost- can be kept off. It is of upmost importance to be assessed for any underlying medical conditions that could conflict with consequent weight fluctuations. It may be advised by the physician to eliminate any medications not prescribed by a doctor.

After a medical professional has set the parameters of the diet, which will include an HCG prescription with proper dosage and the manner through which it will be administered, the preparatory stage of the program commences with a “loading phase”. This phase includes the consumption of a variety of high-calorie foods that are consumed in order to help prepare the body for future caloric reductions. Then, the actual dieting aspect of the stage begins. Oil-free water based products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics are eliminated, and the kitchen stocked with protein rich meats, vegetables, and fruits. Other instruction meant to help the effectiveness of the first HCG dieting phase is to increase water consumption, walk daily, and routinely cleanse the body with HCG supplements.

In order to help ensure success throughout the weight-loss experience, a weight-measuring instrument should be consulted daily, and the results recorded. Calories can easily be watched through meal tips found within the pages of HCG cookbooks, and portions curbed by utilizing a digital food scale, capable of assessing weight in ounces.

Still, personal confidence and support may play the most significant roles when embarking upon the HCG diet. Before ever even considering a weight-loss program, it is pivotal to want to shed pounds and feel better. This positive attitude will then help in adhering to dietary restrictions, consequently improving the possibilities of safe, rapid, and efficient weight loss.

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