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HCG Diet Protocol- HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan

With the course of time different HCG protocols are coming into limelight and getting public attention. HCG is a very low calorie diet, which help the followers to shed off their pounds within remarkably short time. Usually, in the breakfast, people are advised to have tea and coffee without sugar. It is better to have raw tea, still if you cannot resist having milk tea, then it is better to take only 1 tablespoon of milk each day.

Then the time comes to have lunch. In lunch you are suggested to take 100 grams of beef, veal, fresh white fish, chicken breast, crab, lobster or shrimp. All the visible fat needs to be carefully removed just before cooking. The meat must be grilled or boiled without additional fat. It is better to avoid eel, herring, salmon, tuna and pickled fish. On the other hand, between vegetables you can choose chard, spinach, beet-greens, tomatoes, chicory, green salad, fennel, celery, red radishes or cucumbers, cabbage or asparagus. Along with it, you can take Melba toast or one breadstick.

On the other hand, it is also good to have some fruits during this HCG diet phase. Usually, doctors advice to take orange, grapes, strawberries or apple while undergoing HCG treatment. Then finally, comes the time to dine. Not only people suffering from obesity, but all the normal people are advised to take less food at night and if you are having this unnecessary weight gain problem then you can follow the same diet chart, which has been mentioned for lunch. However, instead of blindly following the HCG diet protocol it is better to take suggestions from the reputed HCG doctors, who have already proven their expertise in the domain of fitness and weight loss. For further information, you can contact a good health care center, where these treatments remain available.

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