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Few HCG Diet Recipes

Effect of HCG diet varies from person to person depending on the diet, lifestyle and physical condition. So, if you are interested to get the best result you need to consult with a reputed HCG doctor, who will be able to prepare the perfectly-suited diet chart for you. In fact, if at any point of time you feel that you need an alteration in your dietary routine then also it is better to follow the doctor’s suggestion. However, some of the dishes that can always be taken during the HCG diet phases include Asian Lime Whitefish, Curry Shrimp, Taco Salad Recipe, Rosemary Garlic Steak and Boneless Hot Wings.

HCG diet food

This is true that while going on this diet your normal cookbooks become temporarily useless. But inspite of this, during the dieting period if you want to eat various types of mouth-watering delicacies then you can try out the above-mentioned HCG diet recipes. This is because; some of these delicacies are exclusively produced keeping in mind the dieter’s needs. These recipes are low in fat and calories.

Lettuce Wraps– The presence of protein in the meat and fiber in the vegetables and lettuce is good for health and also taste good. The ingredients used for making this recipe are beef, mixture of vegetables and lettuce leaves.

Fruit Salad– You can take it in your breakfast. The main ingredients of this recipe are blueberries, bananas, fresh pineapples and strawberries.

Shish Kabobs– It is a quite popular HCG diet recipe and the ingredients used for making Shish Kabobs include vegetables, cherry tomatoes and shrimp.

Apart from these, you can also experiment with Foil Baked Fish, Sweet ‘n Sour Lemonade, Lively Citrus Basil Chicken, Italian Herbed Fish and Warm Apple Dessert. These recipes are tasty and help you to keep yourself fit during undergoing the diet phase.

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