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Brief Overview of HCG Diet Phases

There are mainly 3 phases in a proper HCG diet plan. These phases include loading, maintenance and last but not least the stabilization phase. The dieters need to spend 2 days for the first phase and 21-40 days for the second phase, whereas, 21 days for the last phase. The maintenance as well as stabilization phases mainly get accompanied by the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and truly proved effective for burning the abnormal fat.

In the first phase the dieters are suggested to eat the food having high calorie. During this period the users need to load as much food as possible. This is because; by having too much food you will be able to reserve the abnormal fat, which helps one to prepare his body to fight during the low calorie diet phase. The first phase is indeed the most enjoyable phase, since during this time the dieters are allowed to take burger, pizza, butter cookies, fried chicken, rice, pork, macaroni, chocolate and many other tasty food. This phase encourages force feedings.

After the loading phase gets over, dieters have to go through the maintenance phase. Only 21 days is enough for this phase, but if required it can be stretched upto 40 days. In this phase, 500 calorie diet gets introduced. During this period the user’s body gets low calorie diet and his abnormal fat starts burning down to release the energy into the blood stream.

The last phase is known as the stabilization phase. This is basically the transition period, when the users slowly move from the low calorie diet to a proper controlled diet. But in this phase also, it is advisable to avoid starch and sugar so that the weight can remain stable. Thus, by strictly going through the HCG diet phases you will be able to lose weight at an incredible rate.

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