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How the HCG Diet Works

As the HCG diet increases in popularity, many people question exactly how the HCG diet works. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone found in everyone, but the levels are highest in pregnant women. This unique hormone is produced by a woman’s placenta during pregnancy.

The basis of the HCG diet is to get your body to respond in the same ways as that of a pregnant woman, thus changing your metabolism. It does this through a low calorie diet that is supplemented with HCG taken orally in drop form or by injections. The HCG actually resets your hypothalamus in order to revamp your metabolism. The presence of HCG is what keeps your body from entering starvation mode as a result of the significantly lessened caloric intake.

The HCG causes the body to use your own fat deposits as its primary fuel source. This causes you to lose both pounds and body fat. In essence, the body is tricked into thinking that you are pregnant. It therefore works to feed the baby by drawing from these existing fat deposits.

During the course of the HCG diet, you consume 500 calories daily while taking HCG. Energy levels remain high while appetite naturally decreases. Ideally, you will learn to eat healthier foods while on this diet. Following the intense 40 days of restricted calories, a variety of foods are gradually reintroduced into the diet in such a way that allows the body to process them without causing weight gain.

When properly followed, the HCG diet can help people lose one or two pounds per day. Results will be different for each person depending on body composition and weight loss needs. The more weight that someone needs to lose, the faster the weight will initially come off during the first 40 days of the diet.

Once someone has finished taking HCG, the results don’t stop. The metabolism has been reset, allowing the body to continue using calories more efficiently. By this point, exercise needs to be a regular habit in order to maintain a healthy weight.

The HCG diet works for both men and women. It is both effective and safe with proven results.

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