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Effective HCG Treatment to Shed Pounds

It is needless to say that HCG treatment is one of the most effective ways to shed pounds. At the early stage when this therapy for weight reduction was discovered it was available only in the form of injection. However, nowadays in this treatment HCG pellets and drops are used. This is because; pellets and HCG drops are easy to consume and cause less risk of infection and pain. HCG therapy is not only suitable for women, but men also can undergo this therapy. It is purely natural and do not have any side effect.

Effective HCG Treatment

Usually, in this HCG diet treatment natural HCG hormones are used for activating the accumulated fat in your body. In fact, if you are really serious about this treatment then it is better to know that the drops and HCG pellets can be used of your own without taking the assistance of any physician.

HCG diet therapy of weight loss mainly comprises 4 stages. In the first stage you do not have to follow certain limit for calorie intake. During this period you need to load your body with fat, whereas in the 2nd stage you are suggested to take low-calorie food. In this stage, you should strictly avoid fast food. Then the 3rd stage comes.  It is known as maintenance period in which your low calorie dietary habit is maintained. Finally in the last stage you need to promise yourself that you will follow this habit forever.

Thus by following this habit you will be able to make your body fit as well as healthier than before.  So, do not waste any more time. Just go through a proper HCG diet and enjoy a healthy life. For more information on this HCG weight loss program you need to consult a good HCG doctor.

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