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The HCG diet program consists of a very low calorie diet coupled with treatments of HCG. While on this program, the average dieter loses an astonishing average of 1 to 3 pounds per day in a healthy manner. In addition to the loss of unwanted fat, they learn to modify their relationship with food in order to maintain their results for the long-term healthy and beauty benefits. HCG is naturally produced in both men and women, but it was found in abundance in pregnant women. It allows the body to control the metabolic functions of the body, which especially important when a woman is caring for not only herself, but her child as well. When someone who is not pregnant has an abundance of HCG, it forces the body to utilize the fat that is stored in the body for energy. On the HCG diet, a very low calorie meal plan along with the HCG prevents the body’s metabolism from slowing down, and allows for rapid weight loss. The HCG essentially tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant. Since the program calls for approximately 500 calories a day, the body will take calories from its fat cells to provide nutrients to the baby. However, since there is no baby to feed, that built up fat is used to provide the individual with energy without having to consume nearly as many calories. HCG does little to help the dieter if it is not combined with lifestyle changes. The goal of the HCG diet is not just to help people shed their unwanted fat; it aims to teach a healthy relationship with food that can allow them to maintain their newfound health. It is important that the HCG is obtained through a prescription from a doctor.

As the market for HCG has grown, many scams have arisen on the internet that claim to cell HCG products. Unfortunately, most of these contain little to no HCG. By obtaining it from a physician, they can also be certain that, should they have any adverse reactions, a healthcare professional can assist them and alter the program, if needed. For those who suffer from obesity, HCG might be the jump start they need to get back on the healthy track and improve their life.

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