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HCG Diet Meal

If you want to get best out of the HCG treatment you need to properly concentrate on the HCG diet meal. Though initially you may not feel bad to follow the diet, but after about 4-5 days when you will see that your food intake has really got restricted you may feel disgusted. The meal plan usually gets designed by the HCG doctor. So, if you want to lose weight quickly then you should strictly follow this diet chart. However, if you have problem with any particular food then you should say it out to the doctor prior to the making of diet chart.

HCG Diet Meal

  • Breakfast– While undergoing this therapy you need to take light breakfast. As for example, you can take a half cup of egg beaters. This is cheaper and can be bought from your local grocer. This stuff is also low calorie and anyone can cook it.
  • Lunch– In lunch you can have salad with grilled chicken. Along with it you can crumble up Melba toast into the lettuce in order to give the idea of croutons. ┬áIt has been observed that lettuce is a very common ingredient in HCG diet chart.
  • Dinner– In dinner you can have some noodles and shrimp. They are delicious to eat and also remain available in cheaper price. Last but not least, if you can make noodles pouring a little amount of oil then it will also be good for your health.

So, follow this simple diet and feel healthier than before. Still, if you have doubts you can visit a good HCG doctor, who will give you detailed information on this topic. Other than this, if you have access to internet then you can also search on HCG diet protocol and gather data online.

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