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Does hCG diet adversely affect women?

Every medical issue has side effects. So it’s obvious that any diet regime can have side effects. As every one’s health structure is not similar.

If we talk about HCG diet it has been seen that most of the people has got positive result while following it. The side effect that may have occurred is quite normal as during this particular period, one has to follow a low calorie diet. The usual side effects that occur are headache, light headedness, irritability, light water retention and many more. Another side effect that may occur – if you opt for hCG shots instead of hCG drops or pills. It’s better if you take the help of doctors to take the shots instead of trying it by yourself. Otherwise shots may adversely affect on health like swelling pelvic and stomach discomfort.

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Among women, certain side effects occur which you can consider among common problem. One such problem is headache. Another side effect that commonly occurs in women is mood swings. If you are a woman, such change will not affect your health rather it may make you a bit boring. At the beginning of the diet you a feel a bit dizziness or may suffer from minor diarrhea. But later on as your body will get acquainted with the changed food habit, you will start loosing body weight at much ease.

These side effects get over as days passes by. So following hCG diet can be said to be beneficial diet for every obese people. If you still don’t feel confident, the best option is to follow the routine by yourself. There are few websites from where you can get online information on hCG diet and also its usual side effects that you may face. So in order to avoid such adverse effects take the necessary measures mentioned in the websites.

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