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Being Successful on the HCG Diet

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet uses the HCG hormone that is present in a pregnant woman’s body to change the body’’s metabolism to burn food faster. When HCG is taken by anyone who is not pregnant and combined with a diet of 500 calories a day it forces the body to burn stored fat to lose weight quickly and safely.

The HCG helps to kick start a weight loss program with rapid weight loss to help keep motivation high. Some people experience a measurable amount of weight loss in the first forty days on the program. This rapid initial weight loss can lead to a lifetime of successful weight management.

There are 2 major keys to weight loss success on the HCG Diet.

HCG Physician Support and Supervision

The support of a physician trained to administer the HCG hormone and provide additional information and services is invaluable in the success of the diet. HCG should not be purchased over the counter or online because these products have very little if any HCG. HCG is legally prescribed by a qualified physician.

A trained physician will also supervise your diet by monitoring your physical response to the eating plan and HCG. Even though the HCG diet program is relatively safe it may trigger some health challenges if there are any previous health conditions that need to be closely monitored.


Most participants beginning a weight loss program are accustomed to eating 4 to 5 times more than the 500 calories per day allowed on the HCG Diet. It will require discipline to continue the program the first few weeks. Most medical professionals would not condone a diet of so few calories but when the eating plan is combined with HCG it triggers the body to begin burning body fat to feed the “baby” the body thinks it is carrying.

Knowing how HCG works gives you more of an incentive to be persistent in eating only 500 calories a day. Many people experience less hunger as the eating plan progresses.

Finally, moral support from a friend or family member will eliminate the feeling that you are all alone on this journey to successful weight loss.

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