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All about HCG Diet Phases

There is lots of controversy regarding HCG diet. Many people consider it as an effective process to lose extra weight, whereas, some people think it is quite tough to be followed. But truly speaking, if you can make your knowledge clear about HCG diet phase you can easily able to succeed in making your figure a bit more attractive. So, here we will discuss about some of the important phases of HCG treatment.

HCG Diet Phases & results


This is the initial diet phase and makes your body prepared to get the optimum benefit from the HCG generated weight loss. During this period you are supposed to take supplements designed for facilitating the mobilization of fat. This is indeed the best time to prepare for the shopping plan. Usually, this phase continues for 1 week.


This phase is divided into 2 parts. In the first part fat is loaded to provide the body with strength. The process continues till HCG can start metabolizing the fat component in the body. It is said that once the fat gets loaded you will feel comfortable to start your restricted calorie diet. Initially you may feel hungry but after spending 5-6 days you will see that you are no longer feeling hungry.

Phase- III

This is a very important phase in the HCG weight loss program and helps you to maintain your weight loss. At this point regular intake of calorie gets resumed. However, it is always better to take weight on regular basis.

Phase- IV

This is the lifetime program maintenance. In this long period you need to stay away from fast foods and sweet dishes. However, you can take protein foods according to your body requirement.

This is the basic guideline, which one can follow while going through HCG diet control. So, undergo these phases and look young forever.

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