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Pitfalls to Avoid While on HCG Diet

When you start on the HCG diet, your doctor would be able to tell you the exact approach that you need to take. Following these directives is essential if you want to lose those excess pounds. However, certain mistakes may cost you dearly in this regard. Here are a few common pitfalls that you need to be aware of, and avoid as well.

Cheating a little – the results you desire, effective weight loss in a short span is possible only if you maintain every single dictate of your HCG diet doctor. Even a small diversion, like having a spoonful of sugar, may affect your weight loss significantly.

Eating out often – maintaining this diet is difficult if you opt for eating out. Instead, try to create, or at least find out, tasty HCG diet recipes that are within the stipulations of your dietary regime.

Opting for a break – following every phase of this diet without any breaks is a necessity. If you go for a break in the middle of the phases, the weight loss may not happen as fast and effectively as you want it to be.

Forgetting weight check – monitoring your progress is essential on this diet. The easiest way is to maintain a journal where you can note down what you eat on a daily basis as well as the pounds and inches you lose.

Overestimating side effects – the human body responds to the HCG diet in different ways. Sometimes, dieters experience side effects like headache, dizziness, and so on. Do not panic, these go away as your body adjusts to the diet.

While you want to lose weight, fast, it is possible only when you follow the diet properly. Discuss the details of the regime with your doctor and begin on your journey from flab to fabulous in just a few days.

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