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HCG Phase 3: Rules for Results

Well, so your battle for weight-loss is almost over. Right? You have reached to the third phase and it is time to relish your fetish. After you finish your injections during phase 2, this maintenance phase is going to last for another 3 weeks or so. It means you are close to your target.

Be happy as you can eat a lot and fill your stomach which you could not do for last two phases. In fact, this is the stabilization phase where you body stores maximum energy and returns to old eating habit.

However, few rules apply here too. Freedom to eat anything does not permit you consume anything you wish in reality. Dr. Simeons has made a few obligatory rules for patients undergoing this phase.

First, you must weigh yourself regularly.

Second, you must maintain your weight within 2 pounds of your last injection weight (more or less).

Third, you can’t eat foods with high sugar and starch content.

There are a few more protocols one must follow properly.

For example,

1. Eat plenty of protein. During this period you can eat at least 100 grams of true protein. For this, you need to consume about 400 grams of meats (weighted in raw). If you go beyond 2 pounds, immediately do a steak day.

2. Eat anything other than sugar and starch. Carry a portable bathroom-scale always at hand if you are traveling. Weigh yourself every morning as you get out of bed and empty your bladder. If you have a habit of taking breakfast in bed, make sure you weight before breakfast.

3. Strictly avoid so-called carbohydrates like sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, pastries etc. If you consume little alcohol there is no harm. But make sure you don’t combine them with starch and sugar. Otherwise, the thing may go out of control.

Finally, you have to begin the phase after 72 hours of your last injection. It is not 3 days, to remember.

Thus, you can happily pass HCG diet phase 3 and enter into the nest last phase.

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