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HCG Diet phases in brief

Do you pray to God for shedding off your extra pounds? Well, HCG diet plan is a wonderful way to lose weight. The plan is not like the one you have attempted earlier. Those who have undergone this treatment have said only good about it. It just requires you to put body and mind through certain hCG phases and the outcome is brilliant.

So, if you follow the HCG diet phases properly it is possible to reap long term benefits that you have never imagined. The whole hCG diet plan is structured upon four phases of treatments.

Here in this post we will discuss about those phases.

Phase 1: Here you will be going through a process of detoxification. This will prepare your body and mind for the right thing to happen. You have to drink a lot of water and survive on a very low calorie diet.

Phase 2:  This is the most enjoyable phase so far. The reason is that you will actually be binging on calories and eat foods that you could not during 1st phase. Unfortunately the phase will get over very quickly and leave you out with sweet dreams of getting back to early life. This part of the diet plan is created to reset your metabolic process and make your body ready for the third phase.

Phase 3: In this stage, you will start taking HCG hormone in the form of HCG injections or a drop underneath your tongue. As time progress crave for food will subsidize .The most important thing is that you can feel that your body is undergoing lots of changes along with your shape.

Phase 4:  This is the last phase of the HCG weight loss plan. It is also called the maintenance phase where you will maintain new and ideal weight. Just follow the guidelines given by your HCG doctor and enjoy a slim YOU.

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