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HCG Diet Phase 4: The Do’s and Don’ts

So, you have landed up to the final phase of HCG diet program. It is called maintenance phase. Remember, when you start phase 4 it is the way you will eat for rest of the life. You will never look at the foods or food habit you used to have earlier. Moreover, you will not feel any urge for heavy food and can maintain your weight too.

HCG Diet Phase 4

Let us take a quick tour to the do’s and don’ts during this phase.


  • Drink lots of water. Remember, you had 2 liters per day during VLCD and phase 3. You have to maintain the same volume. Water is critical to proper functioning of body. Just go by the protocol to keep your system cleaned and hydrated.

  • Eat organic food if you can afford. You don’t have to count on calories or think about fat, carbohydrates or protein components. Just relax and stop when you are full. Your body needs all of them.

  • Do a candida cleanse. These days, due to over growth of Candida yeast, people in US are suffering from food cravings, gas, bloating, depression, poor digestion, fatigue etc.

  • Also do a liver and colon cleanse. This will increase metabolism and balance your weight.

  • Walk for an hour daily. Some sort of exercise is also helpful. Inactiveness may lead to weight gains.
  • Consume digestive enzymes with food.

  • Sleep eight hours per night.


  • Avoid fast food from regional and national chain restaurants. The reason is that these foods are rich in chemicals, sugars and starches.

  • Don’t take highly refined sugars.

  • Never consume genetically modified food.

  • Don’t use artificial sweeteners

  • Don’t include farm raised fishes into your menu.

  • Avoid propylene glycol or sodium laureth sulfate. These may be present in your shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, creams, lotions etc. So keep these things at distance.

However, there are more to add with this. Consult with your HCG doctor to know in detail.

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