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HCG Diet Phase 2 – Loading up on the Necessary Nutrients

After you complete detoxification in the first phase, comes the next phase in the HCG diet – one that you are sure to enjoy! It involves eating as much as you like. Have you ever heard about a diet that lets you eat everything you wish to – HCG Diet does that. Here is a quick look at the details of the second phase of this diet program.

What does this phase incorporate? The only thing you need to do during this phase is – eat. The objective is to load up your body with as much of nutrients as possible and prepare for the next phases.

Who needs to do this? Every HCG dieter needs to complete this phase. However, it is especially essential for individuals who tried different dieting methods earlier and failed to lose weight.

What do you need to eat during this phase? The answer is simple – anything. Opt for cream, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, avocados, pork, ham, eggs, potatoes, gravy, chocolates, smoothies, and any yummy delicacy your heart craves.

For how many days does the phase last? The only downside to this phase is – it lasts for only two days. You have just 48 hours to consume as many calories as possible, i.e. eat as much as you like, before the rigorous third phase starts.

Why do you need this phase? The basic reasons for this are –

ü  To build the depleting fat reserves

ü  To stock up for the following very low calorie diet

ü  To prevent your body metabolism to go on starvation mode

HCG Diet is perhaps the only diet program that lets you indulge in eating to your heart’s content, albeit there being a time restriction. However, the objective is to store the good fats. You need to choose the healthier options even when picking the goodies.

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