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Difference between HCG Diet and a normal diet

HCG diet may hear odd to some people who have no idea about it. Normal dieters may not know much about this term. This lack of awareness and its reasons are accepted.

Though these days HCG diet is gaining popularity in US, still many people are just ignorant about this dieting concept. They have number of doubts like:

1.    Is it a special type of dieting program that is different from normal dieting procedure?

2.    Or, it is just an extension of conventional diet structure. What is it?

3.    How does it help in obesity?

4.    What is the rate of success?

5.    What is HCG and why it is used?

6.    How it is better than a normal diet program?

7.    How to complete the dieting course?

8.    How quick the results can be obtained?

Therefore, it is important for obese people to know more about HCG diet and its treatment secrets. The diet method and its effect are completely different than a normal dieting structure.

Here are the basics you can remember:

HCG diet is a special treatment – Where normal diet includes both food regulations and physical exercises, HCG diet only deals with calories constraints. You can’t do any kind of physical exercises during the treatment period.

HCG diet counts calories: This diet permits only 500 calories of food intake in a day. You have certain foods in your breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner prescribed by doctor. There is a thumb rule that you can’t eat much, can’t toil much, and can’t go to gym.

HCG diet reduces quick fat – Since HCG is a female hormone that accelerates metabolic activities, it is possible to lose fat from unwanted areas. Since patient goes for starvation, extra body fat starts melting resulting in quick fat-loss.

To know more, you must consult a HCG doctor and understand the difference between HCG diet and normal diet.

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