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Diet Plan for HCG Dieters

You need to follow a healthy diet plan to avoid obesity and stay in good shape. In order to lose the extra pounds you have to eat sensibly. One of the best ways to lose weight is to follow the HCG Diet. HCG diet has gained popularity in recent years.

Are you wondering what is HCG? It is a hormone released by the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy. The hormone helps in fat burning. You can take HCG injections and supplements along with low calorie diet to lose weight.

Diet Plan for HCG Dieters

You can eat the following things if you wish to follow the HCG diet plan.


For breakfast, you can have coffee or tea with no sugar or cream. There are various types of tea that you can have like organic chamomile tea, organic green tea, Yerba Mate tea and organic Wu Long tea. You can have as much coffee or tea as you want but can add only no calorie sweetener to your drink. Also you must prepare the tea or coffee using pure water instead of tap water. You are allowed to have an apple or 1/2 grapefruit after the first day of the diet.


Lunch must consist of 100g of protein. You can take organic fed veal or beef, skinless chicken breast, different types of fish or seafood. Along with protein, you can choose any vegetables like celery, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, asparagus or green salad. You should include only one kind of vegetable in your meal. Instead of eating fried vegetables eat boiled vegetables. You can eat a small apple, an orange, ½ grapefruit or a cup of strawberries.


In dinner the portion of meal is same as that of lunch. But it is better to change your selection of protein and vegetable to have variety. So if you choose to have cabbage in your lunch you can eat some other vegetable in your dinner. You may use spices and herbs like curry, rosemary, basil and thyme to enhance your dinner.

You can have sugarless black coffee or tea throughout the day. You are also suggested to drink as much water as you can while following the diet.

HCG diet plan is a healthy diet plan that will help you to lose weight. You will stay fit and healthy following this diet plan.

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