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Safe Sunscreen for HCG Dieters

HCG weight loss plan has gained popularity over the years because people have come to realize that this is a very effective method. Discovered by Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol has proved to be a successful method of not only loosing weight but doing so within a very short span of time and without any harmful side effects.

Safe Sunscreen

HCG diet plan includes two things – regular intake of HCG or Human Chornionic Gonadotropin and surviving on 500 calorie diet per day. Dietary fat is limited in this weight loss plan, but it is also true for using face as well as body cream that contain oils and fats because your skin may absorb the oil or fat present in the creams. It will increase your body fat reserve which in turn will make it difficult to loose weight.

You must know that sunscreens often contain a great deal of oil. Therefore you must be very careful while choosing a sunscreen. You should look for oil free sunscreen in the market. These sunscreens are suitable for HCG dieters. You can either opt for Coppertone Sunscreen Lotions or you can go for Clarins Sun Care Spray with SPF 15. These types of sunscreens are oil free. So there is no chance to absorb fat. Both are no greasy and lightweight.

If you are going to be in the sun for long, then you need to get a sunscreen with SPF 30. You can choose Sport Xtreme Sun Block lotion or Ocean Potion Sport Xtreme Sun Block lotion. Both are oil free and waterproof. So you can wear them when you are going to be out in the sun for a long time.

You can use any of these sunscreens to ensure that your HCG diet plan is not getting affected negatively.

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