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Maintaining a Food Journal during HCG Diet

What is the right way to know whether you are following the exact dictates of the HCG diet or cheating secretly? It is easy – just maintain a food journal. This has numerous advantages – assessing your food habits, knowing what you did right, and what you did not, understanding diet and weight loss trends, and so on.

HCG Food Journal

Here are a few tips that you need to use when maintaining a HCG diet journal.

Get a handy, easy to use journal. If you get a journal that is too big to carry around, you would think of it as a hassle. If noting down on pen and paper seems difficult, opt for a digital diary or a blog.

Do not fabricate when writing things down. Even when you cheat on your diet, do not cheat when noting it down. If you note such details, it becomes easier to realize the circumstances that lead to this cheating.

Write down the things you eat throughout the day. Do not keep this for the end of the day. You are sure to forget a little snack or a sweet treat if you do not note down the details as soon as you finish it off.

Do not miss details like drinks, portions, and so on. If you do not take into account the drinks you have, and have smoothies and cold coffees with cream, this would be cheating on your HCG diet. It is also necessary to write down the portions you eat of every item.

Review the entries and rectify the ones not commensurate to your diet. Check the things you have written down every alternate day. Mark if there are cheatings, note the circumstances, and work on eliminating such phases.

Only when you follow every dictate of the HCG diet, you could succeed.

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