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How to Increase HCG Level

HCG or Human Chornionic Gonadotropin is produced in the body of pregnant women by placenta. Blood test or urine test can detect the presence of this hormone in human body. HCG can be detected in pregnant women’s body within 11 days of pregnancy. This hormone manages the metabolism of a pregnant woman’s body.

During the first few months of pregnancy, the HCG level increases in a rapid speed. It is the HCG hormone that determines whether a woman is pregnant or not. While a woman is pregnant, her HCG level goes up. If everything is normal then the HCG level should rise during pregnancy. However if the HCG level is increasing as expected, then it may be a concern. But only a doctor can say whether it is a serious issue or not.

So the best thing to do is to see a doctor. A specialized doctor can give you advice on how to increase HCG level. It is not something as simple as cold and cough and you need expert suggestion. The procedures that deal with HCG should always be monitored by a doctor. Follow your doctor’s prescription to ensure that your HCG level increases quickly.

In order to increase HCG level during pregnancy, it is crucial to take prenatal vitamins. If the pregnancy is proceeding normally, then the HCG level will increase. But low level of HCG indicates that there must be some problem with the pregnancy. Taking prenatal vitamins help to increase the level of HCG.

You should always stick to the medication that has been prescribed to you. Follow the prescription religiously to ensure that it works aptly. Don’t go by the advertisements and consume products (if not prescribed by your doctor) that claim to increase HCG level. It may have negative effects. So go by the prescription of your doctor to increase HCG level.

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