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HCG Diet Side Effects – Do They Outweigh the Benefits

Are you still trying to find out whether the side effects outweigh the advantages of HCG diet? It is true that the US Food and Drug Administration do not recommend this for weight loss. However, the individuals who have benefited from this diet have nothing much to complain.

The common side effects of undergoing this diet are headache, nausea, dizziness, and so on. These HCG diet side effects are neither permanent nor harmful. Therefore, albeit, you experience a little giddiness on a few days of doing this diet, in most cases you do not run the risk of any serous health issues.

When you compare the results of the before and after stages, you are sure to realize that the benefits outweigh the side effects, if you experience any at all. This diet is designed to give you exactly what you crave for – a thinner, leaner, fitter you. Losing those extra pounds also helps achieve physical health and mental wellness.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that this diet is beneficial and harmless only when you are doing it under proper medical supervision. Only a good doctor knows the right approach to this diet regime. When you undergo the different phases with his/her advice, the effectiveness of the program enhances.

Moreover, you also need to talk to your HCG diet doctor if you experience anything particularly serious. Perhaps a certain mistake in your dietary regime is not suiting you, and only your doctor would be able to identify it. Do not try to rectify your mistakes without consulting your doctor.

What do you need to do to maximize results and minimize side effects of this diet? Consult a good doctor, get a proper analysis of your eligibility for this diet, get proper instructions, and begin on this regime.

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