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Apple Day – Does it Really Work

When you are accustomed to losing about 0.5 to 1 pound of weight on a daily basis on HCG diet, it becomes difficult if this suddenly stops. Sometimes, this does happen – may be for a physiological reason. Known as a diet plateau, this continues for just a few days. The popular solution to get rid of this is the ‘Apple Day’ technique.

Before you use this to overcome a HCG diet plateau, here is a quick look at the details.

When do you need to use it? After you begin the phase two of this diet, you usually begin to lose about 1 pound on a daily basis. The weight loss may stop for a day, or more, for particular reasons. It is possible to correct such a plateau with the apple day tactic.

What is the exact technique of this? The technique restricts your food intake to six apples in a single day. This implies that you may have only six apples from the lunchtime of a day to the same time of the next day. You may eat an apple whenever you feel hungry, but you cannot exceed the limit of six.

Doctors also advise you to take plain water, but only if you feel very thirsty. Otherwise, no additional fluid intake is permissible. The water loss marks a significant loss in your weight, and thus your plateau breaks.

How does it affect the plateau? This technique has been in use since the start of the HCG diet. More than physical effects, the psychological effects are of primary importance. If you get accustomed to daily weight loss on this diet, and it stops suddenly, it may be quite depressing.

The six apples a day, i.e. in 24 hours, is a superb way to cleanse your body of the toxins. You also begin to lose weight like before.

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