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Would HCG Work for You – Know before You Start

Many a times, people have apprehensions about starting on the HCG diet program. If you are not quite certain about whether you are a suitable candidate for this, you need to consult a doctor specializing in this diet program. He/she would be able to evaluate your medical history and health condition before you start.

Here are a few common concerns regarding eligibility.

Can anyone opt for this diet? HCG dietary plan is suitable for all individuals with excess weight that never seems to go away even with excessive dieting or rigorous exercising. However, it is necessary to consult a diet doctor to know whether your health condition would be suitable for this diet.

Are men eligible for this diet? Yes. Any healthy individual can opt for this diet – men and women both. There are no risks of developing pregnancy related symptoms when you are on this diet.

Why do you need a doctor if it is safe? It is safe only when done under proper medical supervision. Your HCG diet doctor examines your physical and mental health and well being before getting you started on this program. They also explain the phases of the diet, create a diet chart, and monitor your progress.

Is it a good idea to opt for HCG online? Without the proper examination and monitoring of a doctor, the possibility of success minimizes. Consult such a physician near you before you take any step.

Are there no side effects? There may be some temporary side effects like headache or nausea. However, these are neither permanent nor harmful. If you are under the care and guidance of a doctor, you need not bother about any health related problems. He/she would continuously monitor your health and progress.

When you are beginning on this diet, make sure you get a consultation from a certified doctor beforehand.

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