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HCG Diet Can Work For You

The HCG diet is on the lips of many people. For many, this diet allows them to lose weight when so many other diets have failed them in the past. By using the HCG hormone and following a strict calorie count of 500 calories a day, many women are losing weight in places that they never thought they could. Some people ask whether or not this diet can work for them. Basically, the answer is yes, as you long as you follow the diet and do what it says. When you do, you are sure to see a vast difference in the weight you lose, versus any other diet you have tried before. The HCG hormone is natural and safe to use, and when combined with the diet and exercise, can lead to a tremendous weight loss for many.

The diet part of the HCG diet is strict, but this helps you change your metabolism so that fat is burned efficiently. Water, coffee and teas are allowed to be drunk throughout the day. Sugar is limited to just one teaspoon every day. The meals are strict; however, they are meant to be effective and if followed, will help to shed the pounds quickly. Fruits and vegetables are allowed but limited. For example, grapefruits, apples, strawberries and bananas are permitted in the fruit department. Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are also approved.

The biggest part of this diet is the use of the HCG hormone, which is the pregnancy hormone. When taken, the body thinks it is pregnant, which causes a change in the metabolism. When a person combines the hormones with a low calorie diet, the body is forced to use stored nutrients in an effort to “feed the baby”. But of course, there is no pregnancy, so your weight can drop while fat stores are being utilized. This is what makes the diet so effective, and it is common to see a great drop in weight quickly.

Talk to your doctor before starting the HCG diet, so that he can carefully monitor your progress with the HCG diet. When properly followed, this diet can quickly burn stubborn fat and drop the pounds of quickly.

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