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True Diet-How to Get Started

What is the HCG True Diet?

The HCG True Diet is a diet that combines decreased caloric intake with the special HCG hormone. HCG is a hormone that is released into the body during pregnancy. When taken on its own, it increases metabolism levels. When you take HCG and lower your daily caloric intake, the body will respond by converting its excess fat stores into usable calories. The body will feed itself on excess fat, and, while you consume less, you won’t suffer the severe hunger pangs and fatigue other diets require. The final result is that the extra fat is burned off and weight is lost.

How Do I Get Started?

Because the HCG hormone can cause negative side-effects when left unmonitored, it is recommended that you contact an HCG True Diet physician before you begin the diet. The HCG physician will evaluate your physical condition, your desired weight loss, and the suitability of the diet to your needs. Once he has determined that the diet is appropriate to your condition, he will provide instructions on the programs regimen, which requires the dieter to take a daily HCG pill and reduce caloric intake to 500 calories per day. While you are taking the HCG hormone, you will regularly attend check-ups with the HCG physician. The physician will do blood work, evaluate your tolerance of the 500 calorie per day consumption level, encourage you to persist, and discuss any difficulties you might be having with the diet.

Follow Up

The HCG True Diet does not evaluate its success entirely on the number of pounds each dieter loses. Rather, it is the belief of the administrators of the HCG True Diet that only permanent lifestyle change will be effective in keeping off weight in the long term. Thus, even after the desired weight is loss, dieters will continue to attend consultations with the HCG physician.

What if I can’t find a HCG True Diet physician?

If you cannot find a certified physician, it is recommended you ask your personal physician if he or she would be willing to administer the diet.

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