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Initial consultation with your diet doctor – choose a competent and understanding physician

When you are starting on the HCG diet, the most important concern is to find the right diet doctor near your home. Why is this essential? Only a medical practitioner specializing in this diet regime would be able to help you understand all the basic details of this diet plan.

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In such a situation, it is important to choose the right HCG diet doctor for your needs. How do you do this? Here are a few tips that could help.

Always check qualification, certification and experience when choosing your doctor. Do not base your choice on advertisements. Know whether the medical practitioner has the right credentials and experience before visiting him for any consultation.

Always opt for an initial consultation. A good HCG doctor would offer you this session to help you understand the way the diet works, whether you would be suitable for it, the way you must begin and such others.

Always ask your doctor to create a customized diet chart for your needs. Your body has specific nutritional needs of its own. It is, therefore, essential that your doctor create the HCG diet plan as per these requirements.

Always opt for a doctor who provides guidance and support throughout the regime. You need a doctor who provides support when you have trouble losing weight, monitors progress, offers advice about the way you need to adapt to lifestyle changes and so on.

Always check whether the doctor does what he claims. Ask for the details, and photos, of others who have lost weight under the guidance of the physician. If your doctor has experience in dealing with such cases, he can provide you with all these.

Getting a competent and understanding physician to help on your HCG diet is of immense help. Make sure you find the right one before you start on this regime.

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