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HCG Diet Success

A recent breakthrough in the weight loss world is the HCG diet. This diet uses the pregnancy hormone HCG in addition to low calorie intake which promotes rapid weight loss. It is especially effective for getting off or completely avoiding plateaus, which are a common issue during weight loss.

The key to losing weight on the HCG diet is being disciplined and consistent. The regimen is a strict 500 calories per day. While this is very little food, it is sufficient when combined with the HCG which has enormous fat-burning properties. It supplies energy and changes the body’s metabolic rate. Eventually, more food can be slowly added back while the amount of exercise is increased, which will maintain the weight loss over the long term.

Anyone considering the HCG diet must be supervised by a doctor who is experienced with the program. The doctor will make sure there are no existing medical conditions that may interfere with or exclude someone from the diet. Support can also be offered throughout the process, including explanations of changes in the body and suggestions about how to keep the weight off permanently.

The support of family and friends is also of vital importance. Diets are much easier and more successful when undertaken in groups rather than alone. These groups can exercise, create meals and do activities together and also give one another emotional support during the more challenging times. Groups also make it easier to maintain a positive attitude which is a requirement for any diet success.

While the HCG diet can lead to a 20 pound weight loss in six weeks, it is only a short term solution. Exercise and healthier eating habits must be established for the weight loss to be permanent. This diet should never be undertaken without physician supervision and there should be good general health to start with.

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