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Weight loss expectations after HCG diet program

Starting anything with a goal in mind is always a good idea. However, if you are too unrealistic in setting the goal, it can only lead to disappointment and frustration. The same applies for HCG diet. Even when losing weight, many still face disappointment, because they are unable to achieve their goals.

When you are looking for information on this diet program, you are sure to come across claims of people losing 2-3 pounds a day. If you think that your body would react the same way, i.e. you would also lose the same amount of fat it may lead to disappointment. Setting realistic goals and working towards achieving them is the key to success.

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Consultation with a doctor specializing in HCG diet Arizona could be of help before you try this method. He could help you understand the way the diet works and the way it affects the body. Every human being is different, and you must understand that various factors influence the amount of weight loss within a specific period.

Suppose you were a teenager with 100 pounds to lose. Your weight loss in the first phase of the diet program may be much more than a 50-year-old individual with 25 pounds to lose. The effect of the diet depends on factors like age, health condition, hormonal conditions, excess weight (that you want to lose), and such others.

There are no hard and fast rules about how much weight you would lose in the different phases of the diet. However, individuals often lose approximately 1-2 pounds a day in the initial phase and about 1 pound in the later phases. Your doctor could help you understand how much weight loss is healthy for you and how HCG diet could help.

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