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Vitamin Intake During HCG Diet Practice

Vitamin is a very common term. Have you ever thought what is the origin of the word ‘vitamin’? It is a blend of the two words “vital amine”. Amine is a form of chemical substance. It is essential for the human body. Without the presence of amine human body will be unable to perform many functions.

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Human body can not produce vitamins. Therefore it is essential to consume vitamin either through food items or through supplements. One should intake vitamin supplements only if the vitamin contains of the food items they consume is insufficient.

Vitamins can be categorized as fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins are accumulated in the fatty cells and the liver. But the water soluble vitamins actually move through human body in water. Moreover the water soluble vitamins are released from the body through urine. So you need to refill the water soluble vitamins on a daily basis.

Regular intake of vitamin is especially important if you are on HCG diet. However you should not consume vitamin without consulting a doctor. You should stick to the recommended daily allowances of vitamins. Consult your doctor to know the right amount of vitamin that you can safely consume on a daily basis.

Vitamins like A, K, D and E can be especially harmful if you take overdose of these vitamins. For example if you consume vitamin A more than six times the recommended daily allowance it can damage your liver or even blur your vision.

When it comes to vitamin intake you should always follow your HCG prescription. Take the multivitamin suggested by your HCG doctor. The vitamins mentioned in the prescriptions will never interact negatively with the medicines you take because they are prescribed by the same doctor, who is well aware of what he is giving to his patient. So always seek help from the doctor regarding your vitamin intake during HCG diet practice.

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