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Is it possible to lose same amount of weight without using HCG?

Yes, many weight loss advisors face similar questions from their patients. Why counting on HCG if you can shed off same pounds just by following a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)?

Well, you may think it right. Because, there are so many herbal supplements, weight loss aids to try out. However, you can’t just flow in a normal pace. Loosing weight fast and that too from stubborn, unwanted area is problematic. You never know how a normal diet structure will react to you and how long it will take to get you positive results.

Scientifically, you may consider without HCG. But, then the process will be much tricky and the chance of losing the battle is much high. HCG the sex hormone is the natural hunger suppressant. Without regular HCG supplementation, dieter will find it difficult to maintain 500 calorie per day diet.

Moreover, just be eating few calories and fat, you may loose your muscle or bone even before the fat goes. Remember, body stores fat during deprivation. It results in slowing down cellular metabolism which in the long run would lead to weight gain. Finally, it will decrease bone density and muscle mass.

HCG works most scientifically. With the low calorie diet, HCG helps mobilizing extra fat into energy, and rest are left. The low calorie diet will prevent you refilling emptied fat cells. Thus, you get the benefit of loosing excess fat without affecting your bone and muscle.

Other weight loss dieting methods may cheat on foods that are not allowed on the very low calories diet. Means, your weight loss speed may get slower and your dieting effort may go in vain completely. Moreover, popular diet methods will require special and pre-made meals. So you are on a higher grocery bills for sure.

So, if you think proceeding without HCG, who knows you are loosing your valuable time and effort.

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