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Being a Good HCG Patient

Are you suffering from obesity? Are you planning to opt for HCG diet? Well, it is not difficult to give HCG diet a start. But what is difficult is to stick to the stringent rules and regulations. A HCG patient should intake 500 calorie per day and not more than that. HCG injections and drops work well only when combined with a 500 calorie diet. However dieters often find it very difficult to follow the very low calorie diet. As a result they stop following HCG diet suddenly. Now it is obvious that if someone starts and leaves HCG diet whimsically, it will do no good to their health.

HCG Patient

The first condition of being a good HCG patient is to consult a HCG doctor before starting the HCG diet. It is not a wise decision to start HCG diet without knowing whether your physical condition is fit for the very low calorie diet. Going for experiments is never safe. If you don’t have sound knowledge about something you should not give it a try. Consult a doctor and ask for a HCG prescription. Follow the prescription and not your own ideas if you want to get result.

Many patients go through HCG reviews in order to gather some information and then start making experiments. But this can be harmful. If something has worked well for a well known personality, it does not mean that it will work equally well for you. Each and every human body has their own specific requirements. The HCG dose a doctor suggests depend on various factors such as your body weight, die structure, life style, metabolism activity etc. Only a doctor can understand the requirement of your body and give you the prescription accordingly.

So always see a doctor before you start HCG diet.

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