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What dose of HCG suits your requirement?

Without proper understanding of each aspect of a diet, it is not possible to achieve what you desire – a beautiful figure. The lack of knowledge in this regard mars the effectiveness of the diet on your body.  HCG diets are no different. If you do not have a good idea about every bit of it, it is difficult to achieve what you crave.

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One of the pertinent questions that you face is regarding the right dose of HCG that suits your needs. Whether you choose the injections or the drops to administer the hormone, you are sure to come across different opinions about the suitable doses. How do you understand which would be right for you?

The convenient, and safe, way to ascertain this is to talk to your diet doctor. Only a physician can assess your health condition and prescribe the right dose that could bring about effective weight loss. Consulting your doctor is the best way to find out how and how much HCG you need.

Discussing the dosages with your doctor is also a safe way to avoid any adverse effects on your health. Though HCG does not have any permanent side effects on your body, it is always better to talk to your doctor about how much of it would suffice for a healthy weight loss.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the correct dose of the hormone compound for your body. Your health condition, you weight, presence or absence of certain amounts of hormones, and such others play an important role in identifying the proper dosage.

Assessing all these factors is only possible for a doctor. Get help from a medical practitioner to determine what dose of HCG to opt for and then start on with the program for better results.

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