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Is HCG drops as effective as the injections

If losing the excess flab on your body is your objective – the first thing to do is find an effective way to achieve it. The HCG dietary regimen offers just the right option to achieve the figure you always dreamt of but was never able to achieve. When you start, you come across an important question – which method to choose.

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There are two distinct ways for the administration of the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone – using sublingual drops or injections. Before you choose to use any of these, it is necessary to understand the factors to consider. You should also consult your diet doctor about which suits your requirements better.

The safety factor – both the drops and injections are safe for administration to the human body. This hormone is not harmful; after all, it is naturally present in the body of pregnant women.

The convenience factor – if you are not quite comfortable with a needle, it is better to utilize the drops. Whether you do it yourself or go to the doctor, taking injections regularly does feel a bit difficult.

The effectiveness factor – whether you choose the HCG injections or drops, the HCG True Diet believes that the injections are much more effective than the drops.

The availability factor – it is not difficult to get the injections, just go to the HCG True Diet Physician Directory. Then consult your doctor and ask him if the HCG Diet is right for you.

The cost factor – the injections are a bit on the expensive side. Don’t settle for any drops just because they are cheap. Do your research and consult your physician.

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