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How the HCG Diet Works

As science and technology progresses, new methods of dieting and weight loss are developed. One diet, specifically for women, that was first suggested in the 1950s, has gained renewed prominence today as new methods of support, along with dietary and nutritional knowledge, makes it more viable. The diet is known as the HCG Diet and was developed by Dr. ATW Simeon at his clinic in Rome, Italy.

HCG is one of the hormones naturally released by pregnant women to prepare the body’s metabolism for pregnancy and the nutritional requirements of a baby. Introduction of the HCG hormone tricks a woman’s body into thinking it is pregnant. As a result, the body’s metabolism changes to pull more energy from internal storage, i.e. fat. Fat cells are mobilized for use as energy, causing weight to drop off at a rate of one to two pounds per day.

For the HCG diet to work, the introduction of the HCG hormone is used in conjunction with a special low-calorie diet that consists of only 500 calories per day. The HCG diet is only effective when the two parts are combined. Taking HCG alone will not do the trick.

HCG is available in the United States only through prescription. Therefore, any women planning on going on the diet must first visit their general practitioner or another doctor familiar with medical weight loss programs. If your general practitioner is not familiar with the HCG Diet, it may be best to find a doctor who is. If you find a source of HCG that claims you can purchase it without a prescription, it should be avoided. It is either highly illegal or it is not really HCG.

The 500-calorie diet that accompanies the HCG can come in two forms. The foods can be prepared and packaged beforehand, or you can be given instructions on what foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and how to prepare them. This allows you the option of buying fresh foods.

While the HCG allows your body to burn extra fat for your own use instead of for a baby, the 500-calorie diet provides enough essential nutrition to keep energy levels high during the diet. Over the course of the diet, the average weight loss is twenty pounds.

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