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HCG Diet Information: Fruits on HCG Diet

HCG diet may seem to be the most difficult thing to follow on earth. But people who have given it a try have said that it works like magic. There are good reasons to follow HCG diet. You may lose weight quickly with HCH true diet.

HCG Diet Food

With so many benefits HCG diet has become quite popular among people. It may seem difficult to stick to the schedule initially. But as soon as you start getting result you will love it.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced in the body of pregnant women. People following HCG diet for weight loss stick to a very low calorie meal plan (500 calories per day) along with a small does of HCG.

When you are on HCG diet one of the most important food items you need to have is fruit. Eat every meal as directed and have the fruits advised by the physician. You can also join a HCG diet forum and discuss with fellow dieters about what fruits do they have. Joining a forum is the best way to get authentic HCG diet information.

Your breakfast, lunch as well as dinner should include fruits. In the breakfast you can have fruit juice. During lunch you can have fruits like apple, strawberries or grapefruit. If you are having strawberries make sure the quantity is measured. You can have one fruit after dinner and it will serve the purpose of dessert. You need to ensure that you don’t have fruits like banana or pear which contain more natural sugar than you should intake.

Eating fruits is good but you should not eat too much fruits to avoid negative effects.

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