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Who says HCG diet is not medically approved? The real news

Getting to the details of a diet program before you actually start on it seems to be the right thing to do. If this is what you are doing and your area of concern is the safety of the HCG diet, you may come across different opinions from different sources. This sure is a disconcerting experience!

Before discussing in details about your concern, it is necessary to understand a few basic points. FDA, i.e. the Food and Drug Administration, approved of HCG for the treatment of certain health conditions, mostly fertility related ones. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is already present in the human body, and therefore, must be safe.

It is true that the FDA did not approve of the use of this as a weight loss method. However, it is necessary to take note that the FDA can only provide certification on whether a particular drug is safe or not. The application of the drug is entirely dependent on the doctor’s opinion.

The HCG diet aims at burning down the stored fat in your body. To achieve this, you need to be on a very low calorie diet, so that the body requires utilizing its stored fats for energy. However, you must not take up the task of deciding the diet specifications. Consultation with HCG diet doctors is essential in this regard.

According to the original protocol, developed by Dr. Simeons, an individual on this diet was to consume approximately 500 calories in a day. Today, the approach is a little different. You still need to consume very low calories but the doctor takes into account your specific health conditions before he/she creates your diet chart.

Use of HCG diet with medical guidance could bring about effective weight loss. Numerous people have already achieved this objective inspiring many others in turn.

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