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Permanent lifestyle changes on the HCG True Diet

Life style changes on HCG DietOne of the great things about the HCG Diet is the ability to shed pounds extremely quickly.  People often lose 15-20 lbs over the course of course of the program.  Some report that they lose more weight than that.  This rapid weight loss is great for people who want to see results quickly for the work they put in.

However, the HCG True Diet is designed to encourage long term weight loss and not quick weight loss followed by rapid weight gain.  The fourth phase of the HCG True Diet is permanent lifestyle changes.  A person should use the motivation from the weight loss they experienced in the first 3 phases of the diet to make positive changes to their lifestyle.  Remember, you put the hard work and dedication to lose the weight during the diet so that you can keep the weight off!  In order to achieve that goal, you need to make these permanent lifestyle changes.

One example of a lifestyle change that is encouraged on this phase of the diet is to weigh yourself daily.  By doing this, you can notice if your weight begins to fluctuate over the course of a couple of days.  Once you notice a weight fluctuation you should take action immediately through your dietary intake.  For more information about lifestyle changes you can to keep that weight off after the HCG Diet program, speak to your individual HCG Diet doctor.

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